Care Instructions

Click to download our watering schedule (PDF) and learn how to properly take care of our new landscaping.

Water Schedule
Water Schedule (PDF)

Note: Plants that are not properly taken care of may void your 12 month warranty.  Extreme weather conditions are not covered.






Landscape Instructions
Landscape Instructions (PDF)

Key Tips For: Fertilizing, Weeds, and Watering.







Patio Furniture Instructions
Patio Furniture Instructions (PDF)

For: Aluminum Frames and Resin Wicker, Cushions & Sling, & Glass Table Tops.







Preinstallation Guidelines
Preinstallation Guidelines (PDF)

For: Irrigation, Private Lines, & Pet Waste.







White Digital Timer
White Digital Timer Instructions (PDF)

For: 15556WH 7 DAY DIGITAL TIMER. Before using your timer, please read the following instructions carefully.